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FOUND | Farm Fresh Eggs + Local Co-Op

Tuesday, May 12

I recently joined a local co-op to be able to buy organic produce + eggs for a reasonable price.
I used to belong to one many moons ago but the people that ran it ended up moving...or something like that...and for whatever reason, I never looked into another one.

A couple of weeks ago, a neighbor mentioned she had just joined one and emailed me the information. The following week I placed my small first order and here's what I came home with...

Organic local farm fresh eggs, organic hearts of romaine + organic apples.
I was happy with all three items...especially with the eggs...and apples...and romaine.
So yeah...I was happy with everything. *wink*

I have become especially intrigued by the farm fresh eggs, however. Although I had belonged to a co-op previously, I had never bought eggs. I'm not sure why because you would think they would've had them available but I really don't ever recall seeing any. Maybe that was also during the time when eggs were "bad" for you so I wasn't really into them. And now it seems they really aren't that bad for you afterall and we eat a ton of them around our house - especially after learning about Whole30 and successfully completing the program several times.

Anyway, I noticed a few significant differences right away between these eggs and
the store-bought eggs I usually get.

One...the outside shells were much thinner and more fragile than store-bought.
Two...the yolks were much more vibrant and the eggs were overall much more "creamy"?
Three...the eggs were much larger than the normal ones I get.

Because this was my very first time purchasing farm fresh eggs, I've only obsessed over Martha's hens and eggs through the years, I had some questions:

1. How long will these remain fresh?
2. How should I store them?
3. How should I handle them?
4. What should I store them in?

So from the online research I did, I discovered that unlike the store-bought eggs, unwashed FARM FRESH eggs don't actually need to be refrigerated. What?! Apparently, there is a natural substance on the eggs called "bloom" that prevents salmonella and contamination. It's kind of like having a built-in anti-bacterial barrier. The store-bought eggs are put through a cleansing process that actually removes this natural protective covering and therefore those types of eggs require refrigeration.

Regardless of this new information, I'm still sketchy about the whole idea of leaving my eggs out on the counter because it's such a foreign concept to me. But it appears Europeans have been doing this exact thing all along.

Regardless of whether you agree with refrigeration or not...
and whether I really end up leaving them out on my counter...
I found myself obsessing intrigued by the many different egg holders available out there. I guess most people use an Egg Skelter because it helps keeps the eggs in order from oldest to freshest. But I found some other styles I like...maybe not as practical but I'm hoping you are equally intrigued...

I think this is the prettiest of the holders I'm sharing - love the rustic vibe.

This would be cool if you could mount it on a wall but it says NOT to mount it on a wall! 

This storage idea would help you remember which eggs are the freshest 
and wouldn't take up as much deep counter space...but it is long.

Very similar to the basket I have my own eggs in - shown in the first two photos.

This would actually be cute to hang some potted plants in 
or for using to collect things from around the house that need to be put away. (toys, etc.)

So what do you think?
Would you ever consider the idea of a local co-op?
Or what about just farm fresh eggs from your local farmer's market?
And if you prefer farm fresh eggs...would you or do you refrigerate yours?
I'm curious...let me know how you eggroll at your house. (sooo corny, I know).

In other news...
I received the oversized Rustic Farmhouse safety pins and the adorable vintage tin mailbox I ordered. I've had them for about a week and need to find time to get them hung on the walls. #storyofmylife still have time to enter the giveaway to win the inspiring June selection for the PNPF Book Club.

Are you having fun reading May's selection?

Ella pie has been home sick yesterday and today.
She missed gymnastics yesterday and only has one more practice before her
big debut in her first Rainbow Classic on Saturday. (it's like a recital but for gymnastics).
Sure hope she's back to 100% by tomorrow so she can get in one more practice before her big day.

Also...the house is almost finished being painted. I expect everything to be done by the end of the week. Stay tuned.


Threescharm said...

I raise chickens and the eggs should NOT be thinner than the ones you buy at the store. That means they aren't getting enough calcium. My eggs are actually harder to crack.

Pen + Paper Flowers said...

Ooooo...that is VERY interesting Threescharm - thank you for letting me know that. I love learning new things and I appreciate when readers take the time to share what they know!! Thank you!!! No more "thin" eggs for me!!

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