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MY NEW FAVORITE | Butter Baked Goods Cookbook

Wednesday, September 10

You guys!! I don't know what my problem is lately but I've been obsessed with purchasing books.
Cookbooks, home decor books, paper crafting books, whatever I feel inspired by.
Maybe that's it. Maybe I'm just looking to be inspired.

You already know I'm a sucker for pretty baking books because I've posted about them here on the blog…Miette Cookbook,  Gourmet French MacaronsSmall Plates and Sweet Treats.  I've also got these pretties sitting on my shelf too: Vintage Cakes, Sugar Baby and Back in the Day Bakery

So it was instant love when I set eyes on my NEW favorite baking book…

Rosie Daykin, the owner of this adorable bakery was an interior designer, which completely explains the cuteness of her shop.

I think know what drew me to the book instantly. The cover!! I'm just a sucker for pretty styling and color palettes…not to mention my love affair for cake plates. The mint green backdrop is perfection and the wallpaper is divine. THEN…when I read the story about the charming bake shop called Butter, located in British Columbia, I was even more convinced this book belonged in my kitchen.

I was fortunate enough to visit Victoria Island and Whistler some years back and it's still the most beautiful place I've ever been to. I would LOVE to go back there one day - and stopping into this bakery would be the icing on the…cupcake! *wink*

The recipes in this book are the same treats baked and sold at the actual Butter location.

"At Butter you will find all the yummy baked goods you remember from your childhood, made from scratch every day. We use only the best ingredients in everything we produce and take the greatest care to make sure that everything at Butter tastes as good as Mom would have made!"

Yes! Please!!!

I'm all about from-scratch baking and using the best ingredients. When I opened the pages I felt like I was reading about and looking at the dream bakery I've longed for throughout my life. I love pretty bakeries with a hometown vibe - nothing fancy schmancy…just good old fashioned baking.

What amazes me is that upon opening Butter, Rosie had to open her own marshmallow factory because her homemade marshmallows were in such high demand. They actually ship them now all over the place. And the packaging for them is just perfection!!

As if that wasn't enough…there's now a Butter Café
and I'm hoping the 2nd book I've heard Rosie mention will be all about the recipes from the café??

In fact, the old Butter location was moved to accommodate the café portion of Butter and the old location has now been turned into a Tea Room. How sweet!!

Sounds like business is good.
And I love a good "small business" story!

Hope you are inspired!!
I've already made these fun "Sticks and Stones" cookies and I can't wait to try out even more recipes from the book.


One thing I learned from the book already is that Rosie's version of a "Smartie" is much different than the American version. The "smarties" Rosie mentions in the book are the chocolate version made my Nestle - not the powdery sweet candies I'm used to. M&M's are an awesome substitute.

About my dream bakery I mentioned above...I've come to realize through the years just how much work owning a bakery would be and I've determined I'd rather just keep baking at home for my friends and family and I'll just visit all of the cute bakeries out there. How about you?

I also dream about re-inventing the ice cream truck and having something vintage-like and super cute to drive around in and serve up some fresh scoops of soft serve…or old-fashioned scoops…or maybe even cupcakes or organic cotton candy. (Guess it would be more like a food truck). Think silver airstream-ish, pink aprons…

I'm always dreaming...

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