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styling | Simple Tissue Paper Cupcake Toppers

Tuesday, March 6

You may not even realize it...
but you could be minutes away from a simple, unique cupcake topper to use at your next event.


If you happen to have any decorative tissue paper around...
(the kind of tissue you stuff into gift bags)...
Cuteness awaits you...

Here's a quick example of what I did using some polka dot tissue paper I had on hand...

Materials needed for recreating these Polka Dot Cupcake Toppers seen above:
• Polka Dot Tissue Paper
• 1" circle punch
• cardstock
• wooden toothpick

• Back your tissue paper with a piece of cardstock prior to punching. (this allows you make a nice, clean punch through the tissue paper)
• Using a 1" circle punch,  cut three different colored circles from the tissue paper.
• Poke the toothpick through each circle, one at time - creating a stack of polka dots - leaving space between each circle.
• Insert into cupcake.

With an array of adorable tissue paper available on the market...
there's endless creative possibilities awaiting you!

Have fun...and come back and share your creativity!!

I am an admitted tissue paper addict...(see this post)
I'm always on the look out for new cute designs because I ADORE working with it.
I have quite the stash in my "gift wrapping" center.

To make matters worse...
I keep all of the tissue paper from party bags or gifts.
And it doesn't even have to be a gift given to me...
If I sense someone is about to toss a perfectly good piece of tissue paper into the trash...
I politely ask if I can have it. *wink*
I simply fold it up nicely and add it to my color-coded stash.
Totally true.
Ask anyone who knows me - they've witnessed it...I assure you.

Tissue paper is such a versatile tool...
I treasure it.

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