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Wednesday, September 28

I just know you've been in suspense...
awaiting the DiY Centerpiece I told you I would be posting soon.

Well the wait is over my friends...

I'm sharing a simple technique for creating a super easy foundation for a centerpiece for any special occasion
Halloween Centerpiece2817

This one just happens to be perfect for Halloween...and a bit on the GLAM side...
Halloween Centerpiece2815

Start with a container of your choice.
I used a clear glass cylinder and then wrapped it with a strip of wrapping paper - securing with double stick tape.
(You could use tissue paper, scrapbooking paper, or even fabric).

Fill it with sugar...just below the rim of the wrapping paper.
Halloween Centerpiece2809

Add some festive candy of your choice...
(I chose to use Double Bubble Gumballs I picked up at Cracker Barrel.)
And since sugar fills most of the container - less decorative candy needed! *wink*
Halloween Centerpiece2810

Add a strip of black ribbon.
I inserted my pre-decorated Pastry Pedestals™  (using THESE Halloween printables)...
and then I added these FABULOUS and FUN
Diamond Accent Picks from David Tutera's Bridal Collection found at JoAnn's.

Halloween Centerpiece2812

You could add a little spider if you'd like?
But most need to add your choice of a petite sweets/treats/desserts...
Halloween Centerpiece2820

How about saving yourself from baking and just top them with
Snickers Peanut Butter Squared? (like I did the other day)
Halloween Centerpiece2834

And did you notice I swapped out the gumballs for candy corn?
I did that especially for my mom...she LOVES candy corn!! *wink*
Halloween Centerpiece2828

It's that easy.
And even if you don't have The Pastry Pedestal™ Starter Kit....
 you can still create a FUN bouquet of things using this as the foundation for
displaying faux floral picks, fabric tied onto wooden skewers,  paper or fabric flowers, etc.
You can do so many different things with this simple technique.

I hope you are inspired!!

I really am all about using what you have on hand when you can.
Look closely at the black ribbon I wrapped around the container...
It's really a black and white polka dot piece of ribbon I inverted...
You can see the polka dots peeking through...
just a tiny bit - but I think it totally worked!! 
They almost look silver! *wink*


Katie @ Flower Pens said...

This is such an awesome idea! I made little owl cupcakes for my Halloween party this year, but I will definitely have to include this in my next one!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment Katie...the owl cupcakes sound adorable!!

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