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FREE | Monthly Printables Blog Hop :: Mother's Day Chalkboard Art Pick-Me-Ups

Mother's Day will be here before you know it and I've got a really simple but thoughtful idea for you today as part of the Monthly Blog Hop for April!! (remember, I'm participating with 7 other AMAZING bloggers to bring you FREE printables EVERY MONTH for the entire calendar year of 2014). Have you missed the FREE PRINTABLES from previous months? No worries - check out the links at the bottom of this post.

Anyway, the FREE printables I designed for this month is a set of Chalkboard Art "Pick-Me-Up" cards for you to fill out and present to your mom. Each one has a different prompt for you to answer with your handwritten response on the back of each card. I've even included a "Happy Mother's Day" tag to match.

FREE Mother's Day Pick-Me-Up Mini Cards

You can keep this project as simple as you want or you are more than welcome to get a little creative with your presentation. Here are some ideas:

Simple: Cut them out as squares.
Creative: Use a 2" craft punch to cut them out. (round, scallop or flourish will work perfectly)

Simple: Tie them together with a pretty ribbon.
Creative: Fill a small cute jar with mom's favorite candy (or nut mix) and include the cards as part of the gift. She can keep the cards in the jar after it's empty.

Simple: Wrap them up in some pretty tissue paper or decorative paper and tie them off with a ribbon.
Creative: Slip the wrapped cards into a beautiful cello envelope or one you have decorated. Seal with a pretty ribbon or sticker. She can use the envelope to store them.

The idea is that Mom will appreciate these little cards not only on Mother's Day but she'll be able to reference them any time she wants whenever she needs a little refresher about how important her role is and has been in our lives. (I know as a mom, I enjoy these reminders myself).

Again, just bundle them up with a pretty ribbon or include a jar as part of the gift.
(using the Happy Mother's Day tag to label the jar if you want).

Feel free to print off multiple sheets and use some of your favorite cards over and over - with different answers of course.

These cost me a grand total of .49 cents to have two sheets printed onto card stock at my local Office Depot. Nice!

I hope you love the FREE printables.
They are versatile enough to use for Father's Day too…if you'd like to plan ahead! *wink*

Now for the BLOG HOP portion of the post…
If you'd like access to even more FREE PRINTABLES check out all of these fun options just waiting to be downloaded. Click on the links below to be taken to each blog - which results in you "blog hopping".

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As promised…if you happened to miss the free printables we've shared previously:

I leave for SNAP! Conference on Wednesday morning and won't return home until Sunday.
LOTS of anxiety about leaving my family for that long. I'm such a homebody! Seriously!!

But I LOVE how my business cards turned out and some other fun surprises!
I wasn't organized enough (or had any time for that matter) to schedule automatic posts while I'm away so I hope you'll be keeping up with me on Instagram as I post all of the fun I'll be having!!





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