Tuesday, September 20

holiday | Gettin' tricked out...

Picked up a few things over the weekend from the Dollar Store...


A couple of things that will help to "trick out" (or treat)...
some of my halloween decor.


Wait'll you see what all of this turns into...


With just a few little creeks tweaks...
this will all be turned into a ghoulishous display of monstrous proportions...*wink*

pastry pedestal rounds2742

(Okay...I'm exaggerating...it'll be more like "gremlin-sized proportions"...do you remember those little creatures from the 80's?)

I ADORE the color scheme and designs I've created for Halloween 2011.
Silver, Orange and Black...
Perfect combination, don't you think?

Do you own The Pastry Pedestal™?
You can snatch up these printable Pastry Pedestal Paper Rounds in my shoppe right now...
At 50% off...
Now until Friday, September 23rd.

Don't have The Pastry Pedestal™ Starter Kit yet?
No worries...you are not doomed...
You can still get in on the deal...
Make a cute eeky little banner with these 3" circles too!
So clever. So simple.

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone!!

Random but appropriate...
With Halloween on our heels, I thought it was
apropos to find a term for something I found interesting...
and honestly...
something I have been dealing with personally.

"Energy Vampires" (taken from this website and this one)
I'd never heard the term until today and thought I'd share with you
what I've learned as far as how to recognize these particular people in your life right away...

• you experience a sense of being demeaned, constricted or attacked.
• you intuitively feel unsafe, tense or on guard.
• you sense prickly, off-putting vibes. 

• You can't wait to get away from them.
• Your energy starts to fizzle. 

• You may feel beleaguered or ill.

Bottom line is this... 
"Negative people [energy vampires] are like human black holes which
suddenly come out of nowhere and just suck the life out of you.
You try to stay positive and remain strong but their negativity ends 
up just completely draining you and you're left feeling exhausted."

One of the many suggestions for dealing with these types of people that I found particularly comforting?
Smile and stay detached! *wink*

I'd love to hear how you ward off the Energy Vampires in your life...


Amanda Joy September 20, 2011 at 10:08 AM  

I love the pastry rounds! I am hoping to get a starter kit for one of two weddings I was just hired to decorate:)

I know what you mean about staying detached from energy vampires.

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