Friday, September 30

find | Halloween Handsoap

Just wanted to share a little something fun...
before we all officially begin our weekend...

Adorable "Glow in the Dark" Bottles of Halloween Handsoap...
Halloween Handsoap2871

J picked these up from the grocery store last weekend and brought them home as a surprise...
(if you didn't know this, he does all of the grocery shopping every Saturday - his request believe it or not).

These are SO fun...
and such a SUPER easy, no-fuss way to add some Halloween decor around the house.
(and the bottles REALLY do glow in the dark - I tested them immediately) *wink*
If you are looking for A LOT of "glow"...the ghost version is the one you want.

Here's to a wonderful weekend everyone!!


Two silly admissions...

I've tortured my kids, (mainly Ella), by not letting anyone use the Halloween Handsoaps until October 1st. 
(We have to AT LEAST be in the same month of the holiday, right?)

I'm looking forward to tackling a lot of projects while J and Ella are in Illinois. (Saturday thru Tuesday)
But the reality of missing them has been tugging at my heartstrings all week...
I've never been without my sweet Ella.
I cried myself to sleep lastnight...
I'm SUCH a baby. *wink*


BearShe Cottage October 2, 2011 at 11:38 AM  

To keep me from driving to different grocery stores, where did you find that handsoap? I am all about Halloween. I have already decorated my home because my grandson lives with me. Thanks so much.

jess @ pen n' paperflowers October 2, 2011 at 7:45 PM  

Hi BearSheCottage - Mine came from Publix. I'm would guess Target would have these though - how could they not?! They are just too cute! *wink* I hope you find them!!

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