Friday, January 14

{collections} Valentine's Day 2011 and not what I expected...

Remember earlier this week when I made the comment that I was looking forward to my first "normal" week of 2011?

(The first week was spent caring for my daughter Clara who came down with the flu)?

let me just say things have not been what I expected.
Everything was going good on Monday.
And then things started to unravel.
Some news Tuesday morning left me wondering if my trip to New York for the Martha Stewart event would even happen.
It seemed the clouds were lifting a little throughout the day Wednesday...
And then...
although I've been doing everything in my power to keep the flu at bay from the rest of the family...
Taking extra vitamin C...
avoiding Clara as much as we could...*wink*
Lots of fluids...
Washing hands, etc.

Ella woke up yesterday not feeling 100%...
and after two episodes of projectile vomiting (sorry...keeping it real here)...
Most of the day was spent holding, loving and tending to my fever-laden two year old.

Today has been much of the same - without the vomiting...thank goodness.
And as much as I've been determined to stay away from the flu myself...
the pesky bug has been biting at my heels. grrrr!!!

Because I'm bound and determined to ignore the pesky flu-like symptoms that are buzzing around me...
(having full faith that Zicam repellent will squash the annoying pest)
I mustered up enough energy while Ella is napping...
to try to maintain some sense of "normal" around here.
My goal this week was to have my Valentine's Day Collection posted by Friday.
and it's Friday. (it may be 4:00 in the afternoon, but it's still technically Friday)...*wink*
flu-like symptoms or not...
and with all of the "normal" I can possibly scrounge up...

Sweetberry love, Razzberry love & Skater love

Each collection is made up of 3 files containing the Exchange Cards (shown above)
Coordinating peanut butter cup candy labels



as well as some treats tags to bundle up your coordinating candies...

I do hope you love them.
I did manage to get them posted in my shoppe too!
Collection has been posted here on the blog.
Collection has been placed into my shoppe.
Now all that's left to do is give you all
50% off the printables starting today until Friday, January 21st.
Use this COUPON CODE at check out: LOVE2011
(discount will automatically be applied at check out).

And tell your friends too!!
Be watching for a giveaway next week...
I can tell you the giveaway will include adorable items that not only coordinate PERFECTLY with my Valentine's Day collections, they will absolutely add a SWEET touch to your Valentine's day celebrations!!

Wishing you all a healthy weekend...

When J went to leave this morning, I'd crawled back into bed
and had my head under the covers sobbing like a baby.
He approached me and tried to lift the covers and asked, "Are you crying?"...
I immediately yelled out a defiant "NO!"...
I wasn't about to let the Flu Bug think he'd actually bitten me.
And I'm STILL going to continue to spray myself down with "Flu Bug Repellent..."


madera y zinc January 14, 2011 at 5:41 PM  

Cool and a little bit POP! I like it!!!

Michele @ crazyfordesign January 14, 2011 at 6:02 PM  

Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. The designs look great though. =)

Lisa Joy January 15, 2011 at 12:23 AM  

These are AWESOME!! Love 'em. Now if only my kids were old enough to be in school and having a classroom party...I'd be all over this! The teens will love it all, too!

Good for you for defying the sickies and hope your kids feel better soon. When little ones are sick, I really think it's harder on the parents who are then attached at the hip to them 24/7. :-)

Tera January 25, 2011 at 10:35 PM  

Jessica these are beautiful collections! I absolutely LOVE what you did with the little skater!!! So Cool!

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