Monday, June 6

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Did you know I have a peach tree in my yard?
(If you saw the peach crisp I made for Memorial Day than you already knew that).

I know nothing about fruit trees.
I never even knew peach trees grew here in Florida.
The tree was here when we bought the house a little over a year ago.
And it was a pretty small tree at the time.
But the idea of it producing fruit sounded pretty cool.

Admittedly...I'm completely ignorant as to how to properly care for them - Martha would be so disappointed. *wink*
Despite my ignorance though...
and without any special doing on my part...
Nature took things into it's own hands...
and gave me my first sample of a homegrown peach last year.
We were excited to have the tree produce a handful of delicious peaches.

Completely different story this year.
With the tree having tripled in size...
I'm guessing our "crop" consisted of 50+ delicious...
homegrown peaches.
(Even though I STiLL had not done a single thing to the tree).
They were SO very good.
And there was SUCH an abundance of them.
There were so many in fact...
we were offering them up to neighbors and giving them to anyone who would take them.

And now...
Well, now I'm sad.
I guess the peach season has ended because there's not a single peach left in sight. *sniffle*

But I've got the pictures to prove they really did exist.
And I feel SO extraordinarily lucky to have the good fortune...
of having one of life's little pleasures growing right here in my own yard.
I can only imagine what next year's crop will hold for us.
I'd better start collecting some delicious recipes now...*wink*

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With Ella at 2 1/2 years old now, it's nearly impossible to get ANYTHiNG work-related done these days.
One nap a day just isn't enough time to put a dent into my "to-do" list.
Mixed emotions have settled in though...
We received news that she's been accepted into the preschool we were hoping for...
starting in the Fall.
I'm completely excited for HER.
She'll make some new little friends...
and have some real educational structure.
I'm excited for ME to have some extra free-time 3 days a week to
stay on top of my design work and projects.
I know all too well how quickly children grow.
(It was just yesterday my 15 year old and 12 year old were born).
Knowing she'll be starting school means the start of an entirely new phase in our lives...
her life...
my life...
and sadly...
the ending of the sweet time I've enjoyed having her home with me everyday. *sniffle*


Nicole @ Tradewind Tiaras June 6, 2011 at 12:37 PM  

I love peaches! We planted a tree in our yard three years ago, but it makes golf-ball sized peaches. Haven't figured out if it's just the tree or if we're doing something wrong. I dream of a peach crop like yours someday!

Tracey June 6, 2011 at 12:39 PM  

Mmmm peach pie is one of my favorites! Sadly our peach tree didn't survive.

Jess I am right in the muddle with you! My youngest is 4 and will be starting kindergarten in Sept. Yaay for dedicated work time everyday, but oh how much I shall miss her. How did she turn 4 already? How is my 8yo 8? How did we get to this stage of life and family so quickly? Life transitions are always difficult. I am just going to enjoy the next 3 months that we have together and hopefully the fall won't be too difficult. Good luck with your transition! The nice thing is they almost always turn out just fine for everyone, new stage, new fun :)

A Blissful Nest June 6, 2011 at 1:10 PM  

I think Ella and my Lauren are close in age. Lauren is 2-1/2 also and is starting summer school at the end of June. I am happy for the time but sad to see her grow up so fast!!

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